• $9.99

Finding the perfect outfit for a special event or a big night out is a tall order. Once you’ve found it, there’s nothing more devastating than realizing that the outfit in question doesn’t exactly work with your, ahem, undergarments. No matter the outfit, nothing says tacky like exposed bra straps! Since the dawn of time (or at least since the dawn of bras) women have tried everything from paperclips to fashion tape. Some solutions have worked better than others but nothing works as well as Brazzles! While spaghetti straps may be cute, they’re not exactly functional. Brazzles, the rhinestone studded clips, are a gorgeous and convenient way to keep pesky bra straps in line while adding a glamorous touch to your outfit. Simply align your straps and clip on a Brazzle. Unlike other solutions that need to be kept hidden, who needs to be discrete with such a cute accessory? Available in a variety of colors, there’s a perfect Brazzle for every ensemble! Avoid a fashion faux pas and keep it together and dazzle with Brazzles!