2 Liter Stabilizer

  • $9.99

2 Liters may be the go-to for parties, barbecues, or dinner with the family but they can make storage a headache-constantly tipping, dropping and falling. Instead of just propping a 2-liter up with a head of lettuce, stabilize it with the 2 Liter Stabilizer. Portable and removable, it’s like a cup holder for 2-Liters-designed for ultra-versatility, it can be attached to almost anything, letting you enjoy a 2 Liter at home, in the car, on a boat or virtually anywhere you please.  2 liter stabilizer can be used either with 1.5 liter wine and champagne bottles, keeping your refrigerator organized and everything else simplified.



  • Keep fridge and vehicles organized
  • multi-use: works in refrigerator, car, boat or truck
  • Also fits 1.5 liter wine bottles