Bait Up 35

  • $21.99

Bait Up's portable live bait containers have enhanced the experience of fishing with live bait. With an included lanyard, Bait Up can attach to a vest or be worn across the body providing easy access to bait while fishing. The dual-lid design offers an end for filling the container and emptying the stale water without losing bait. Floating basket technology allows the angler to flip the container and raise the bait to their fingertips. The clear container design makes bait monitoring simple. Bait Up has been used to carry minnows, leeches, sand fleas, and hellgrammites. Bait Up is the live bait container of choice for ice anglers, kayakers, canoers, and walking and wading anglers.

SIZE: 8.5″ tall x 3.625″ round

HOLDS: 35oz. of water and can carry medium sized live baits.


Bait Up allows the live bait angler to conveniently keep, carry, view, and select live bait without hindrance to the movements or demands required to be successful at fishing with live bait.


Bait is floated to the top of the container for convenient selection. 


Select Lid allows for quick and dry bait selection.

Fill Lid eliminates bait loss when the angler needs to refresh low oxygenated water.


Allows the angler to constantly monitor live bait activity to determine when water needs to be refreshed.


Use to attach Bait Up to a fishing vest, belt loop, or worn by the angler.

The open end of the floating basket faces the end of the jar without a lip, while the foam float is oriented towards the lipped end of the jar. This orientation allows the angler to select bait at one end and refill the jar at the other, without losing bait. The heavy duty lanyard threads onto the fill lid for easy transport.